Phase 2

Professional activities during Phase two include structured and unstructured activities meant to help strengthen scholars' oral and written communication skills, placing emphasis on communication of technical content. The socio-cultural activities for phase 2 include several site-seeing activities for scholars including a visit to the Large Millimeter Telescope Alfonso Serrano, located on top of Sierra Negra. This is the world’s largest single-aperture telescope and it was developed by INAOE and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Other top attractions in Cholula and its surroundings include: Historic Center of Puebla (a UNESCO Heritage Center) and Amparo Museum.

Week 1

Scholars will be primarily focused on getting familiar with the data and reading related literature. Understanding the data is important for the research focus along with understanding the state of the art in the literature. Writing a reflection of the papers read will allow the scholars to become acquainted with the gaps in the literature.

Week 2

Scholars will become familiar with the existing code repositories related to the project, such as the relevant source code of the PIs group. In addition, they will replicate previous experiments and learn from more experienced researchers. Scholars will also select the research line they want to pursue from the ones presented by the research team.

Week 3

Scholars will write an extended abstract, with mentorship from the PIs, and present to the group their research proposal. Additionally, with the help of the team at INAOE, scholars will explore and analyze video content in Spanish and identify the new challenges in processing Spanish language for this task

Week 4 & Week 5

Scholars will be focused on making progress towards their research objectives. They will continue to read about three papers per week and write their summaries.

Week 6

Scholars will give short presentations of their progress to the entire research team (remote attendance, as needed). This will give them a structured opportunity to receive feedback from anyone involved in the project, senior members, and peers.

Week 7

Scholars will continue to make progress on their objectives.

Week 8

Scholars will focus on the final improvements/enhancements to their work and on writing a technical report to describe what they developed, present their experimental results, and the analysis of their work. They will also deliver a final presentation of their project to the entire team.

IRES 2023


San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico