Program Structure

Phase 1

Weeks 1-2 (May 29 - June 9)

6 students per IRES cohort will visit UH for a period of 2 weeks in early June to participate in pre-departure activities

Phase 2

Weeks 3-10 (June 12 - August 4)

On site,students will undertake their research projects and receive face-to-face mentoring by faculty and senior PhD students from INAOE

Online mentoring by UH faculty and senior PhD students over the course of an 8 week period as well

Phase 3

Weeks 11-24 (August 6 - Decemeber 15)

Consists of post-trip activities through the month of December and will involve IRES scholars having regular follow-up interactions with mentors that guide them to attend a relevant AI conference and to submit a conference research paper

IRES 2023


San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico